The Hostage of Andrew and Neely’s Wedding Photos; What a Scam

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days you will remember, but remembering it is just not enough. Photos have a very big part in preserving memories for couples who without a doubt, would invest a lot of money just to have their special day commemorated.

Just like any couples who would want to keep a remembrance of their special day, Andrew and Neely Moldovan employed Andrea Polito, a professional photographer, to cover everything on the day they were tying the knot.

Andrea, who has run her own respected and successful studio for 13 years, was just the right person for the job. The photos she took were exactly what the Moldovans wanted. In fact, the couple found the photos exceptional after some uploads.

Three months later, the Moldovans were complaining about the photos that Andrea took on their wedding day. Campaigning against her, they aimed at her through social media and called her a “scam artist”. They told everyone that she was asking for more fees and was withholding their wedding photos.

After they ruined her reputation, she was forced to close her 13-year-old business.  After risking her savings and putting in her effort, it was all gone because of one complaint.

After being humiliated, Andrea finally got up and defended herself. She collected evidence refuting the Moldovan’s accusations and took them to court not just to surprise everyone who believed the couple, but to prove that she had been wronged.

The court found the accusations of the Moldovans to be inaccurate. They were, in fact, the scam artists. Per Andrea, she refused to give them all their photos because they didn’t complete their contractual obligations.

Granted justice from what had happened, Andrea won the case after the jury decided in favor of her and made the Moldovans pay $1.08 million.