The Life Took Another U Turn After An Accident For This Couple!!

If love is magical, then it proved to be true in the story of Bob and Gloria. Bob and Gloria Farley met each other and soon Bob was stationed to serve in the Vietnam War. The distance didn’t made love any less, indeed they kept it growing through letters.

Bob wished that Gloria keeps loving him till the moon and back, and so he would always sign the letters as “P.L.M.F.”, saying Please Love Me Forever. Gloria signed the same way and soon they tied the knot. The couple were blessed with two lovely girls.

With time, Gloria took the profession of nurse and Bob became an officer. With kids and job, they just got too engaged in their own lives and the love begin to fade among the grocery list. There was nothing wrong about the relationship, but because of distance they thought of parting the ways.

Soon, Bob met a dreadful car accident that affected his brain and body. He forgot everything from past. When Gloria visited him, he told her how much he looks forward to see her. He said, she was his preferred nurse. It just looked like a movie going on, but it was not on reel but was very real.

Gloria was in a fix. They were planning for a divorce and now her husband could not recognize her and the kids. She didn’t knew what to do. But as it happens with most love stories, the fragrance of love may fade but never die. Gloria knew how much he loved her and trusted in that beautiful heart.

It took over good eight years for Gloria to bring Bob back to his normal self. But with that, she only found her better half but indeed better than the best half one could get. After life threatening experience, Bob changed drastically and became the most loving and caring head of the family.

The struggling years rekindled the love and this time it was really forever!

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