The Man Buys a 125-Year-Old Dresser Just For $100, He Is Stunned To Find A Secret Drawer On Its Bottom!

You will wish to go for the nearest estate sale after watching this video.

Emil Knodell, 67-years old was on his usual outing to a yard sale in Bellville, Texas. Here he saw a 125 years old chest with beautiful marble top and wooden finish. He loved it at first sight.

As it was the third day of the sale, the seller had reduced the price to $100. Emil gave no second thoughts and bought it. But he never expected to get all this for $100.

While Emil and his friends were keeping the dresser they heard some sounds. The drawers were empty but they discovered a treasure hidden in a secret compartment. This secret compartment was filled with jewellery, diamonds, cash and old civil war collectibles.

According to Emil, it should have worth quite a lot, though he did not have it appraised.

But wait, it is not the end. What Emil did with the treasure is far more interesting. He called the seller back and returned him the treasure chest. Hats off, to his honesty.

The estate sale owner said this belonged to his grandparents and no one was aware of this secret drawer. He believes it was meant to be found.

If you were in place of Emil, what you would have done with the dresser. SHARE your thoughts with us.