The Man Pulls Over By The Fatal Crash Site, Hears A Voice For Help Through Wreckage!

For Richard Bell it was just another regular night when he was driving back home as he cruised down the road with his fiancée. He noticed while on his way little pieces of scrap metal and other kind of debris scattered on the pavement.

According to the Hawaii New Now, Richard has just left Hilo, it was around 7 p.m. when he came across the scene.

In the video below that was posted on 7th of January, 2017 we see Richard recalling the accident seen. He says that there were two vehicle that had just collided smashed completely on the road in the pitch black night. From both the vehicles Richard heard people screaming and yelling for help. They were continuously shouting for someone to help them and call 911.

Richard then immediately rushed out of the car and raced into action to help them. However, he wasn’t able to save an older man. Despite the tragedy he conscious that there were more people who were in need of help and thus started helping them.

While helping other, he heard a tiny trembling voice at the back of the red minivan.

When he looked into it, he saw a seven year old helpless little girl trapped in the backseat. The poor child was struggling with a broken leg due to the impact of the crash.

Richard told in an interview that once he saw the kid’s face, she was just the priority. For him nothing else mattered at that time.

As Richard was trying to free her from the back of the van she told him in sacred voice that she couldn’t feel her legs and thinks that they are broken.

Thankfully, he reassured her that everything will be fine and wriggled her out. He assured her by saying her not to worry and he is there for her.

As it turned out, the authorities later found out that the pickup – driver had been drinking and was responsible for the crash. A warrant was out on his name for his arrest. Although this situation was full of tragedy and invokes pity in us, it is also important to remember the heroes like Richard who walk among us and come forward in the time of need. If he wouldn’t have been there at the time of the scene no one can imagine what would have happened to the survivors of this fatal accident.

A very selfless Richard then concluded that he was just happy to be able to be there and help someone in the time of need. You can also see the full news coverage below in the video.

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