The Mother Puts One Drop Of Her Breast Milk Under The Microscope, She Then Catches Some Strange Little Bubbles On Camera!!

Moms often swear by the magic of breast milk, saying it protects their babies from many different diseases and illnesses and that the act of breastfeeding helps them develop a greater bond with their baby.

Mothers many times talk about how magical breast milk is. They say that the breast milk is known to protect babies from various types of diseases and illnesses. They build a strong bond with their baby by the act of breastfeeding.

One can’t deny that what they say is actually true! Breast milk builds a stronger immune system for the baby that helps him fight against the bacteria and viruses. Also, the breast milk is blessed with healing properties.

In spite of the fact that mothers regularly say that breast milk is the best choice for feeding the babies, on the off chance that one must fall back on the formula, “fed is best” is the best approach!

One mother figured out the difference that lies between the breast milk and the formula using science. A lady named Jansen Howard observed both of them under the microscope and noticed the clear difference between the two. Mothers all around the globe are saying that they already knew that breast milk is aform of liquid gold.

Did you know how the breast milk looks like under a microscope?


Facebook / Jansen Howard

Jansen is an artist and a mother herself. Her father works as a microscopist.

Facebook / Jansen Howard

Jansen gave a drop of her breast milk to have it examined under a microscope.

Facebook / Jansen Howard

What she came across after looking at it under the microscope was astonishing.

Facebook / Jansen Howard

Little bubbles were floating around when observed under the microscope and it seemed as the milk was alive!

Facebook / Jansen Howard

Jansen also took the baby formula and observed it under the microscope in order to compare it with the breast milk. She did not see the same kind of bubbles that appeared in thecase of breast milk.

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