The Place Was Just A Run-Down Old Motel, Then Finally It Was Transformed Into Apartments For Homeless Vets!

In the year 2015, Los Angeles had to declare avstate of emergency because of increasing number of homeless people. Most of them served the country before facing these hardships, for example, in the picture below is a disable vet.

The vibrancy and culture were fading because of so many needy people on the street.

Several NGO’s have joined hands with the city authorities to ensure a home for the destitute.

The immediate action was to convert rundown motels into apartments for the homeless veterans. The efforts of all have brought down the number by 30%. The new apartments supply with basic utilities, privacy, and independence to the vets.

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Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Since the emergency was declared in LA, action plans have been made to provide a home to the vets.

Courtesy of Step Up

The first step is to convert old motels in apartments.

Courtesy of Step Up

An NGO Step Up have assured that these motels will be ready for accommodation by 2017.

Courtesy of Step Up

A completed project, Vine by Step Up has gathered a lot of applause as it allows tenants to stay as long as they wish.

Courtesy of Step Up

Anyone can avail the facility on first come first serve basis.

Next step is to incentivize landlords providing accommodation to the needy.

Courtesy of Step Up

The city aims to zero down the homeless population.

The program will require huge money and time to get implemented. However, it is as a note of thanks to the vets, and a good reason to keep the project going.

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