The Pregnant Waitress Who Might Not Be Able To Pay The Bills After Illness, Is Delighted When She Sees $200 On Tip!!

No job in the World, can be compared to the tough task of being a mother. It is the most demanding duty a woman has to fulfil. Apart from this, many women also perform different jobs to feed their families.

This is a story of Breann Minton, who is a waitress at TGI Friday’s for the last eight years. She is a mother of a little girl.

Moreover, Breann is pregnant with the baby of her fiancé.

The pregnancy brings with it, the stress and the bills. Breann started working tirelessly to accumulate as much as she can for the arrival of the baby.

The world is a good place for the good people. Breann’s hard work and determination was highly appreciated in her work place.

The fruits of her hard work were reaped, when a kind couple went overboard to help the waitress and gave her a humble tip. It was a welcome gift to Breann, as it did a World of good to her.

It was an emotional moment, when the woman who gave her the tip and Breann, embraced in a teary hug.

This act of kindness is so sentimental for Breann, that she broke down in front of the camera, while talking about it. She wants to do the same act of kindness for others in need, when her family is well-off.

Life is all about appreciating the small things, and making something big out of it. These random acts of kindness make us human.

This heart touching story should be shared far and wide and let us appreciate, all the small things in life.