The Rock Makes The Day Of A Superfan As He Surprises Her In Hawaii!

What at first any woman visualize when asked for Dwayne “The Rock”. Of course his glittery white big smile.

He is tall, broad and a handsome hunk and has an appealing personality.

However, what makes him more lovable by all is that he is unaffected by the limelight.

At heart, he is still the same loving, caring and a humble person.

He has an adorable daughter and he gives her the best company any dad can give. He sees that he has ample of time for her little angel.

This kindness is not restricted to family or friends. He is equally good towards the community.

To see how he amazed a super fan in Hawaii, watch this video. The fan goes to Rock’s rival high school.

Twenty-one years old Hoku is a die-hard fan of Rock and she wants Rock to know this.

When Rock tried to give her a surprise, it appeared she could just feel his presence. And as soon as she hears him she turns around and her reaction is like she is blown and her emotions appear on her face clearly.

It was for the first time I was unable to decide whose smile is brighter.

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