The Scared Puppy Lies Completely Helpless While The Rescuers Try To Cut The Pipe Around His Neck And Body!

Watching video of how a trapped dog or a pet is rescued gives us a tour of the reality world, how animals are taken care of. There are large numbers of animals such as dogs, cats etc that are deserted, left out and harmed, roam about in the streets.

Animals didn’t choose their hapless situation themselves. It’s in fact a worst thing to suffer.

There is one such story where a helpless small puppy was stuck inside an exhaust pipe. As rescuers try to save the dog, the waterworks may start.

It’s a complete mystery how his stuck his nose in the smaller part. It’s possible to get inside the larger part as he must be sniffing around, but how did he managed to get inside? Who pushed him or how did he get through?

The mystery is still unsolved as the video starts from his neck already caught inside. Viewing the footage clearly states that it is very difficult for him to escape.

Luckily, the rescuers that came to offer assistance are on a goal to set him free. They tried hard to either pull the neck by making it soapy or by cutting the metal to help the puppy’s life.

By gods gracious, the dog was somehow set free. A thrilling video is shown below that describes the rescue operation.

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