The Son Wakes Up At Night and Screams, Then Finally Reveals To His Mom That He Was Someone Else!

Ryan Hammons used to wake up every night at the age of 5. The reason was his secret identity. He used to scream and cry badly every night and his mother Cyndi was wondering why he keeps on doing that.

Once he told everything to mom and Cyndi was shocked hearing that he is rebirth of somebody else.

Ryan said that he is a rebirth of old man. This man died 50 years ago. When he was telling this story, Cyndi was shocked and scared. She was not able to trust Ryan. She could not even tell this story to anyone in fear.

Ryan was also explaining his past life that in previous birth he got married to 5 women and had two sisters. The Tru-Ade was his favorite drink but he left drinking before his death. Cyndi was shocked that Ryan was telling everything about that old man life. But Cyndi did not share it with anyone.

One day he identified a man from a book and claimed that he was that man. The name of that man was Marty Martyn. He was a Hollywood agent by profession. Ryan gave many details about that man.

The details given by Ryan were matching Marty Martyn. He indeed has same number of sisters and wives.

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