What Is More Gross Your Purse Or Your Washroom? Read Before You Give An Answer!!

How do you feel using a public bathroom? Not so good, huh. Maybe even awful at times.

Are you very conscious about hygiene and cleanliness? You always ensure that toilets are clean and sparkling and all covered. And even a little mess makes you angry, then it’s time to think again.

At times, you just sit in a squat position over the seat, so that you can stay away from those germs.

There are folks who just cannot use public toilets, no matter what, even if they have to execute self-control for even whole day!!

If anyone comes and tell you that toilets are actually way better in terms of hygiene and lesser germs then? Will you believe?

And probably what is dirtier than the toilet is you purse.

A research led by Initial Washroom Hygiene revealed that ladies purse has more germs than a normal toilet. Can you believe this, carrying more germs in hand than in a washroom?

The research also categorized stuff which have more bacteria in the purse then rest.

Do you want to know the reasoning of this analysis, then please keep reading.

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And after knowing this, you surely will disagree that toilets are the yuckiest place.

The research has proved that on an average the handbags have more germs than an average toilet.

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The purses were checked inside out. Even, the common stuff that women carries went through the research.

And what came was a surprise to all!!

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Almost twenty percent purse hand grips had sufficient amount of germs that can cause harmful effects.

Moreover, 20 out of every 100 purse can cause health issues.

When individual items were scrutinized, it came out that cream, lipstick and mascara were the winners in order of highest contamination to lowest.

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The icing on the cake was for bags with genuine or 100% leather. As it is smooth and absorbing in nature, so it had lot more bacteria than other bags.

In an interview with the manager of the research firm, it came out that as purses are not cleaned that often, and they are kept at various places, like floor, desk, etc. This causes germs to stick to the bags and remain there.

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Are you now thinking about the last time you cleaned your bag? And the amount of germs you are carrying. Don’t feel bad, we have some easy tricks that can help you keep those germs away.

First and foremost, ensure your hands are clean. If your hands are clean, lesser germs you will be sending to your bags.

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Try to clean the bag and the stuff in it, with sanitizer or wipes at least once a week.

Sanitizer is a quick and easy work around that can keep off the bacteria.

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I was surprised when I read this, were you too?

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