24 pictures of animals aptly representing batch picture every year

A whole year of ups and down, parties and papers; finally comes the picture day. Hours long rehearsals for the perfect makeup, outfit, hairstyle and then standing in front of mirror for that one best pose and then finally the picture day. But no matter how much you get ready for this memorable picture, at that very moment something always seem to go wrong. But to give caption to these super cute animal pictures with reference to high school picture days, the following might be apt.

1. Freshman- looking hopefully ahead to a wonderful high school life

Reddit / PressStartToJoin

2. I look cuter in my side pose

Reddit / saramace

3. My little sister dressed me up

4. Too cool to take the goggles off

Reddit / Michellenb08

5. This was the cutest outfit I had

Reddit / Leatherman8

6. Mama’s little baby

Reddit / shawman27

7. She just took my food away

Reddit / Bubbleyfication

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If we look back now, we would often find our embarrassing pictures, just exhibiting how much we have improved our selfie and how hard had puberty hit us.