These Dogs Know That They’ve Done Something Wrong

Among all the species in the animal kingdom, the dogs make the best companions. Dogs are hospitable and friendly. They can read your emotions, and they are always there for you. They don’t talk, and they don’t stay angry at you. Dogs are the only creatures that express their happiness whenever you arrive home.

Dogs are funny creatures too. They make people laugh in any way even if they really don’t mean to be funny. It’s their actions and instincts that make them act entertaining to us humans.

Even though they are funny at times, dogs can also be troublemakers in the house. They steal your food sometimes, break some of your furniture, and unimaginably mess your house.

They are the ones who scatter the trash from your bin. They go to places where you told them not to go when you’re not looking. They dig the earth and go inside your house after.

The dogs have the ability to read humans’ reaction. They know when you’re mad. For this reason, they know how to get away from your anger by making themselves look guilty and cute.

Here are the 15 dogs that were caught in the act doing naughty things. You don’t know if you’re going to stay mad or just laugh out on these cuties.

1. You don’t have to close or open the door anymore because he ate it already.

Reddit/ JasperY14

2. This guy will just roll away when you catch him in your bed.

Reddit/ ssjGoku2065

3. He doesn’t want to get his nails trimmed.

Reddit/ JeffyTobias

4. Dog bullying the cat.

Reddit/ Pippi111

5. One way to cool off is to go inside the fridge.

Reddit/ TheNinjaJedi

6. He still looks happy with what he had done to the pillow.

Reddit/ part_of_the_whole

7. He found a new bath tub in a toilet bowl.

Reddit/ Kona_Dlite

8. This guy knows he stole something from mom.

Reddit/ Schumi_jr05

9. He wants to set the plants free from the pots.

Reddit/ howisthisnotobvious

10. He buried his bone using a bag of fertilizer.

Reddit/ KiteTales

11. He knows he pooped on the kitchen floor.


12. It’s obvious that he doesn’t like his bed.

Reddit/ Sexygeeky

13. Dog feels like swag today.

Reddit/ wheres_my_COFFEE

14. He needs to go to the bathroom.

Reddit/ jargo1

15. This is how he chases our cat.

Reddit/ Skeptikalmatter