This Family Was Just an Ordinary Family Until The Father Made The Live Like It Is Year 1986!

Ever felt that life would perhaps be better if we weren’t so drowned in technology? I’m sure each one of us has wished it at least once, to be able to get away from incessant phone calls, the constant immersion in our gadgets.

The McMillan gave themselves a taste of what life would be like without modern technology. Blair and Morgan McMillan made a pact with their two young sons, Trey and Denton to live the life of the 80s. Between 2013 and 2014, these parents banned the use of all technology that came out after 1986. This would include cell phones, tablets, even computers! In short, all the gadgets that are now a crucial part of your life.

To give authenticity to the plan, they even took to dressing like they did in the 80s, complete with mullet hairdos.

The reason for this sudden desire? As Blair recounts, one day while he asked his son, Trey, to go out and play, the little lad chose his dad’s iPad over the outdoors. Troubled by this, he and his wife decided to give their family a taste of the 80s lifestyle, in an attempt to bring the family closer to one another.

Caveman-like as though it may seem to us, it wasn’t actually that hard. Life existed just fine, in fact better, when there were no computers. If his sons had to look something up, they would have to read the through encyclopedias to get the information they needed. Playtime wouldn’t mean computer games or endless fiddling with the tablet but engaging with board games and coloring books and the outdoors. The couple implements this  lifestyle in every aspect of their own lives as well, taking photos on actual film and going to banks in person instead of switching on the computer.

This novel way of living has not only induced the habit of reading and learning in their children, but according to the McMillans, it has also brought the family closer to one another. They have more things to talk about at the dinner table now than they did before.

“We’re in this beautiful state and nobody’s enjoying it,” Blair muses.

Watch this video for a glimpse into their life and to feel encouraged to take time away from technology!