This Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend Every Day But She Doesn’t Even Know It

Any man can ask his sweetheart to marry him, however, it takes a unique (and super-determined) person to ask 365 days in a row. Beginning in 2014 and culminating with the final proposition in 2015, Dean was quite sly.

Dean Smith understood he wished to propose to his sweetheart Jennifer. He desired to do it in his own special way so every day for an entire year he privately filmed himself with a sign asking her to wed him!

Composed of white boards, each proposition is worded somewhat in a different way and recorded in different areas like the shower, the automobile, and the workplace. There’s likewise a countdown in the upper left-hand corner.

Surprisingly, Dean had the ability to manage his caper without Jennifer learning. She questioned why he was constantly carrying around a whiteboard; he informed her he wanted to document his ideas.

Day after day for an entire year Dean kept it going regardless of bumps in the relationship. They had a couple of battles, however, Dean stayed dedicated to Jennifer and his fancy proposition strategy.

He revealed the video on her birthday while they were vacationing in Aruba. Jennifer states she sobbed through the whole 13-minute video. Dean then made it main by falling on one knee and proposing one last time.

This romantic video has actually gone viral and I can see why.

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