This Is Amazing!! See The 10 Items That Can Be Reused In A Very Interesting Way Instead Of Being Thrown Away!

I always try to find new and good ideas to use my old items which has lost its original purpose.

Even people in my home never discards certain things that can be repurposed in a creative way like butter tubs and glasses that holds jelly. So I instantaneously hold few things like plastic bags and find ways to use them in some fun means. They do get stacked up and overflow out of the cupboards but anytime I may find new ideas to put them to use.

The ideas that are summed up here are very motivating and I am not sure where to begin. But definitely am going to try at least few of them without fail. Thankfully, the innovative people who did these shared them to us and made our day.

Read them and tell us if we missed some ideas that would help us re-purpose the old things in our home.

Please share it with you imaginative folks too.

Thumbnail source: Pixabay / Nathanza

1. Paint Can Lids

Instructables / sherry.clodfelter.39

The paint cans can be easily used as plant pots and for segregating things, then the lids can be made into cute clocks just like the one made by Instructables user sherry.clodfelter.39.

2. Toilet Paper Rolls

Instructables / HomemadeisBetter

Guys at Hello There Handmade created this beautiful flowers from toilet paper rolls, which are totally new when compared to usual ideas like making some small gift wrappers or geometric art out of them.

3. Magazines

Instructables / katvanlew

Magazines are mostly used to create collages or rolled to form coasters, however this Instructables user katvanlew gave it an artistic touch and made vase or pencil cup out of it.

4. Bottle Caps

Instructables / Mark Montano

Bottle caps were given new look by Mark Montano who made some cheap desk top items, cute magnets and astonishing mirror from them.

5. Cereal Boxes

Instructables / Vikalpah

The Instructables user Vikalpah, created an awesome but easy to use pencil case from cereal boxes which was very different from commonly seen magazine holders and geometric decorative made out of them.

6. Milk Jugs

Instructables / craftknowitall

People make some lovely animal like decorative objects out of used milk jugs or just cut the handles to make it useful as scoops but craftknowitall an Instructables user turned it into an awesome gift wrapper and took that to a different level.

7. Baby Food Jars

Instagram / dreamalittlebiggerblog

Baby food jars are turned into planters and candles by many people, but turning them into salt and pepper shakers is a totally new idea put forth by Allison a Dream a Little Bigger user.

8. Wine Corks

Instructables / Little Treasures

Coasters and cork board are some creative objects that are crafted using wine corks, however finding embroidered necklace made out of it is uncommon and Maya from the Little Treasures takes the credit for doing so.

9. Egg Cartons

Instructables / mcco4371

They are a wonderful organizing aid for us and children use them in various craft projects however, delightful tea lights innovated by an Instructables user mcco4371 is definitely attractive.

10. Tin Cans

Instructables / chris-mori

Tin cans also make excellent garden pots and candle holders like those paint cans but Instructables user chris-mori carved a cookie cutter out of them and used them differently.

If you know any other ideas apart from what we shared, post it in the comments and Share this on Facebook with all your crafty pals.