This Is So Nice.. A White Car Came To Pick Up A Veteran Who Always Had To Walk About 10 Miles Join The Conferences!!

Daniel Shaub came to join a normal work after serving in the U.S. Air Force for six and a half years.

One day his car broke down and hence he had to go everywhere by walk.

He reached his office which was nearly 1.6 miles away from home every day by walk and returned the same way. He also got into a situation where he had to walk for about 10 miles for an official conference.

Then a kind elderly journalist decided to amend his life.

Barbara Stevens inquired on how to donate or sell her car when she dropped it for service.

Mt. Carmel Center of Excellence in Colorado Springs, Colorado a non-profit organization had connection with the car agency and they found that Daniel Shaub needed a car with the help of their teams.

On February 10, 2017, a video was posted in which Daniel gave an interview. He says that, in his six years of experience he had many awesome trips and some unpleasant trips.

But what he didn’t expect was a surprise from Barbara who was hiding besides the journalist.

Watch the video and find the surprise this veteran received. Please Share this awesome story if you believe that all veterans had to be respected and treated well.