Here is the Shocking Reason Why Flat-Faced Dogs Are Not Sold by Vets

There are different species of dogs that possess different characteristics, but the French bulldogs and pugs are known for being cute, amiable, nice, friendly, etc. that is why most Vets don’t allow the public to purchase them.

Most people think that the vet wants to deprive us our association with our friendly pet but that is not their main aim as it has been proven that this lovable and friendly pet has been causing more harm than good to the pooches.


YouTube / TruTV


YouTube / TruTV

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The reason for this is because of the genetic bottlenecking, caused by mutations and prolific defects and this cause severe pain to our cute pets. And when these dogs are faced with pains, the next place to be brought is at the doorsteps of any available vets’ office in that vicinity, which in turn increases the financial expenses of the owner of the dogs.

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Due to the above mention reason, the genetic mutation of breeds like pugs, Frenchies and English bulldogs are feared by the British Veterinary Association, because this could eventually lead to an increase in desertion due to the expense that will be made by the dog owners. ( There are several dogs that need to be adopted!)