The dog too wants To Take Part in the Challenge Along With This Guy- too funny

Life  22 pushup challenge is fast, survival is hard and amidst this, the veterans especially, have been struggling a lot in earning a living. The suicide rates have been on increase lately. Hence, to create awareness among people about vets and their state of mind, a challenge for 22 pushups was started. It was aimed at making a collective 22 million pushups to promote mental health care vets. Just like many other challenges such as ALS ice bucket challenge e.t.c. it was quite famous worldwide and successful too.

This  22 Kill person began the video with the aim of doing 22 pushups for this noble purpose only, but it seems like his dog is in the mind of his own today. It is still wondering what exactly this person is doing on floor. He might be trying to play if that’s the case then the dog is in the perfect mood for it.

But hats off to this guy for completing the challenge despite of the heavy dog on his back, around his neck and on his shoulder. He could have stopped, placed the dog away and remade the video but this guy just made his challenge not only exceptional but extra amusing too. The fluffy black spotted cute dog also want to be a part of this challenge, contributing to good health of his doctors, well he has got a different way to do so. You will need to count them 2 challenges in!

So the next time someone is up for some challenge, requiring one to take up place of one’s pet just remember to make him go away or you can turn up into a hilarious sight as soon as you upload the video.