PROMOBOT Drew National Attention after Getting Arrested by the Police

Russian Scientists have discovered that the robots with artificial intelligence may not be a smart option as it apparently seems like.

Once the scientists wanted to create PROMOBOT, the robotic prototype, they intended for creating a robot that can establish smooth communication with mankind. In addition, these experts aspire to haveĀ a robot that has the capacity to identify faces.

However, they developed a version that features one rebellious teenager. Once the team escaped the lab in which the new version of the robot got stored twice, it is possible that you will think that scientists probably intended to approach the case with extra care. It is to prevent the chances for the robot to attempt an escape for the third time.

PROMOBOT was unfortunate as he landed in trouble another time. This time, he got the focus and attention of the cops. The robot turns up to a political gathering in Moscow, expressing his support to Valeriy Kalachev. It was in this instance, that the robot got arrested by the cops. PROMOBOT got alleged of disturbing the metro passengers.




On the part of the police, they find it an awkward situation as they have to arrest a robot.