Scientists perform Sonography on world’s first fishy mother

After searching for days and nights, scientists from University of New England got the right woman for the job -Emily, who is the research subject in their work.

These scientists wanted to perform the world’s first Tiger Shark ultrasound. For the first time in history, researchers got to learn about their species and tell about it live. Emily was over 12 feet long. She is more than two third of the way of her pregnancy, only few months are left before she delivers shark pups. In this video, scientists have captured Tiger Shark Sonogram first time ever in human history. They have got the Perfect candidate Emily for the first seaside sonogram.

YouTube / Discovery

You could see Emily’s shark pups highlighted in the video, their incredible and terrifying teeth visible.

This shark was ready for their close up: and after that you can see how many tiger sharks pups she is carrying..