Thoughtful Kid Watches over Grandma despite of Being Non-Relatives

Grandparents have a great impact on their grandchildren’s lives. Some may not be close to their grandpas and grandmas but most grandchildren nowadays are becoming closer to their grandparents. One reason is that most parents these days tend to work more hence grandparents are always there to take care of their children.

Just imagine the sacrifice that our grandparents are willing to do just to take care of us. Most grandchildren don’t see how they make their way to be closer to us. While most don’t, some are very appreciative of their grandparents. These people would certainly do everything for their grandparents, especially this emergency nurse.

Darrien Middleton has a great love for her grandmother. She wanted to check up on her every day but her job is not making things easier for them both. Aside from having a tiring job, her schedule is also hectic hence it’s also hard on her part to always be at her grandma’s side all the time.

It was two years ago when Darrien received a sad news about her grandmother’s health. She was informed that her grandma had lung cancer.

Darrien’s grandma had a rough time recovering but good thing she was able to recover. Right after the diagnosis, she was diagnosed again for having a breast cancer.

This bad news made it hard for Darrien to contemplate her thoughts. She asked her grandma to move into her house where she can take care of her but her grandma declined.

As per Darrien, her grandma preferred to stay at her grandma’s house that’s 38-year-old. Moreover, she shared that her grandma doesn’t want to live away from her neighbors because the people have already been like a family to her.

Speaking of neighbors further, the neighbors of Darrien’s grandma are very close to her. They always check on her even without Darrien’s say and it’s what keeps her grandma going, despite the illnesses.

Furthermore, Darrien also shared how her grandma is very close to a kid. This kid visits her grandma four to five times a day, just to check on her after taking naps just to assure everything’s okay.

How thoughtful is that? It’s really something that Darrien appreciates.