Three Teen Boys Gave A Duvet To A Random Homeless Man

It cannot be denied that the world will never be the same for everyone. Some might be fortunate enough to have a roof to stay in. On the other hand, some do not even have a roof to stay in.

Those who have houses, whether it is a small apartment or a large house, to live in are lucky to have walls that protect them from the summer heat and the winter cold.

Unfortunately, those who do not have shelter must do whatever they can to survive. They should use whatever they have at hand to keep themselves warm during cold days and cold during warm days. This is why it is already a lot of help from us to give them some used coats and blankets that they can use.

Yes, some people are kind enough to give what they no longer need but can still be used by those who are less fortunate. However, there are these three teenaged boys in Poland who took donating to the next level.

These boys, named Marcin, Wojtek, and Szymon, helped a random homeless man who seemed so cold by giving him a duvet. This kind act was recorded on a CCTVnearby.

In the recorded clips, boys were seen walking down the street with a duvet. Then, they carefully and quietly walk to a random homeless man sleeping on a bench. There, they tucked him in with the duvet gently.

The man seemed to love the warmth of the duvet as he pulled it up almost to his chin to savor the warm more.

The boys were recognized by the mayor of their city. They also received smartwatches as a recognition of their touching deed.

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Credit: Nysa City Guard