Tiny Girl Calls A Widower “Old Person” And Mother Is Surprised By The Man’s Response!!

Norah, Tara Woods daughter had her 4th birthday coming. Just a day before the day, Tara got Norah explaining her caring attitude for old people- their slow moving, their soft skin- and that since they are on the edge of their life cycle, Norah wants to love all of them.

Deeply touched by Norah’s affection and care at the young age, Tara had shared her words on her Facebook Page.

It was Norah’s birthday next day and Tara took her to the grocery store after her school so as to get her some cupcakes.

When they finally stopped in the clearance section, Norah stood up in the cart and waved at the man in the same queue.

She said with excitement to the person that it was her birthday, expecting a reply with a similarly excited response.

Tara was terribly embarrassed by Norah calling the person “old” and she simply wanted to run away apologizing.

Before Tara could shush her little girl, the old man turned and looked straight at the baby girl.

This was followed by a chain reaction, changing their lives.

[H/T: TODAY / Tara Wood, Writer]

Tara Woods, a freelance writer, and a mom at her 40s lives with her husband and their 7 lovely kids. She recently posted an incidence related to parenting today.

Tara Wood, Writer

Just the day before Norah’s 4th birthday, she cautioned her mother to be careful about the old person who was walking across the big parking lot.

She explained her mother that she has a place in her heart for the mature people and she liked them as they did the things slowly and had really soft skin. She also said that she wanted to love all the old people.

The mom was all surprised with what her daughter was saying and posted the same as her FB page status.


Tara Wood, Writer

As it was her birthday the next day so she wanted to stop o buy cupcakes for her 6 cute siblings.

Tara Wood, Writer

So Norah’s mom put Norah and her little sister in one of the large carts and then she headed towards the bakery. While the mother was busy picking up stuff, Norah was excitedly proclaiming to an old man that it was her birthday.

The man whom Norah called was stone faced and old and before the mom could stop Norah, the man had already turned.

The expression of the man softened when he talked to Norah and he chatted with her for few minutes.


Tara Wood, Writer

But, I approached the man as Norah wished to have a photo clicked with him.

The man was delighted and he was really surprised that someone wished to get clicked with him.

So, the mom took out the phone and clicked a photo. Norah placed her hand on top of the man’s hand and she was busy observing his skinny veins. Though they were blocking the way of others in the store they did not bother, as there was true magic happening at that moment.


Tara Wood, Writer

Norah’s mom thanked Mr. Dan after few minutes and then they hugged finally.

Even the mother was teary eyed after the incidence and was fully surprised by the whole meeting.

She even posted the photo of them on Facebook.

Tara Wood, Writer

The mother got a message that night from one of the local readers who knew Mr. dan and said that his wife was no more, so the man was all alone.

The mom took Mr. Dan’s phone number and then also called her after few days.

Tara Wood, Writer

Norah and her mom visited Mr. Dan’s tidy house. He had set a kid’s table with paper and crayons. Dan asked Norah to make few drawings which he can display on his refrigerator and Norah agreed.

They spent nearly 3 hours with him and were happy to be there.

Tara Wood, Writer

When they were going after the visit Mr. Dan cut a rose blooming in his garden using Pocket Knife and handed that to Norah.

Tara Wood, Writer

Norah is concerned about Mr. Dan. She asks about him every now and then. Mr. Dan also thinks about the girl and believes that she has healed him.

Tara Wood, Writer

These two have a big age difference, but their souls undoubtedly connect.

Tara Wood, Writer

Mr. Dan is now part of our family and we love him. Sometimes strange starts lead to wonderful beginnings.

It is hardly surprising that this amazing story have successfully made places in the hearts of the readers across the world.

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