Tiny House Cat Spots Lion On Property And Sprints Across The Yard To Fearlessly Challenge Her

House cats and lions might share a few of the very same DNA, however, would you ever anticipate to see the 2 in a face-off? One brave little cat handled a big lion in a fantastic video shared by the feline’s owner.

On June 14, 2017, YouTube user small feline challenges a lion, much to the amusement of her owner.

Derek and another viewer search in shock as Baggy approach the cage of Noey the lion and looks her down.

“Baggy,” her owner calls out. “You will lose!” However Baggy pays him no mind, continuing her face-off with Noey.

The amusing event happened at the leopards and bobcats.

Baggy’s bravery regardless of her little size is amusing by itself specifically when Baggy and Noey lunge at one another, separated by simply a fence. However, you need to hear Derek’s amusing commentary as he sees his little feline engage the lion.

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Footage provided courtesy of Derek Krahn, aka BigCatDerek