Going live with your toddling child? Give it a second thought!

As a parent, you can never know when your calm baby is going to turn into a complete mess. You just can’t count on him for behaving well on a live program because these kids have a mind of their own.

But this didn’t stop an inspirational mother from going live with his toddling child Noah at fox 29 in order to demonstrate the new law regarding rear facing car seat for children under 2 and those not up to the height limit.

But baby Noah doesn’t seem to be in the mood fit for a live telecast.


YouTube / FOX 29 Philly

I am in no way going back into that car!

YouTube / FOX 29 Philly

He just took my mike away! Now you can’t make me sit in that seat quietly mum!

YouTube / FOX 29 Philly

Here you go with my first move mum! {Mommy seems quite shocked}.


I am not so young to sit in this seat mom! Now this is the chamber of secrets and I am the monster stuck here mum but I won’t wait for the heir to unlock me. I will find my way to my rightful place.

YouTube / FOX 29 Philly

Finally he is exactly where he wants to be with a sarcastic smile expressing “Always”.

And this is how a mother lost a toddler to his will, who was suppose to demonstrate the new  rear facing car seat law in Pennsylvania but ends up in the driving seat; the most undesirable place.

It just gets better and more hilarious as it goes.

So the next time you think of going live with your child, better keep him in an adorable mood or it can turn into an embarrassing live telecast.