Toddler Peaks Around The Corner To See If His Shadow Is Waiting

Toddlers are fascinated with everything, and that is what helps make them very entertaining. Everything is exciting and new.

What is more pleasurable than watching them learn little things is seeing their reactions. They become very perplexed by little things we completely take for granted.

One thing that is mind bending for babies, as well as toddlers, is seeing their own shadow. Just how does it follow your every single action and why is it forever next to you?

Watch the video clip below as this infant discovers his shadow for the very first time.

Watch as he attempts again and again to fool it? Though it is right there each and every time, he looks.

The best part is at the end when he loses it and begins flailing his arms.

We’re not sure if he’s trying to hit it or only trying to figure out how this shadow thing works, but either way, it’s fun to watch.

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