Tom BetGeorge Impressed His Neighbors with Spooky Presentation

Tom BetGeorge wasn’t just your ordinary guy as he raised the bar for Halloween decorations and utilized lights like no one ever did.

The video of his masterpiece showed everything, from his perfectly lit lights for display and traditional Halloween essentials. He made his pumpkin glow in neon instead of its usual orange color. But, that’s not all; Tom even distributed the goodness of neon to his spiders, tombstones, and other spookier decorations.

It seems like Tom still got some tricks up his sleeves as he unleashed his masterpiece while synching it with “This is Halloween” a track from Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas. A perfect jam to make things go crazy, and even scary!

The introduction started off with an unusual pumpkin that talked. Tom made things low-key at the very first phase of the presentation; his displays light up the whole place slowly but still in synch with the music.

It seemed like everything went smooth and perfect as three pumpkins finished off the chorus without any errors at all. The lyrics matched the lights perfectly as it flashed into a spooky rhythm. It made everything look connected! Tom’s hard work and creativity paid off in just a single performance or perhaps, night!

Oggie Boogie or also known as The Boogie Man even made its way to Tom’s presentation. All thanks to a projector! The character’s appearance added up to the spooky vibe that the displays gave. It was indeed a frightening night for him and his neighbors!

This talented guy deserves an award, and I bet all of us will agree. This presentation is a must-see for those who want to spend their Halloween in a low-key way, and also for those who want to be fascinated.