Two Dads Goes To Court For Adoption Of Twin Brothers

After two years, Jonathan and Christopher, twin brothers, have now found a place they can call home. A couple from Las Vegas, Alberto and Fabian Montano, spent several months going in and out of the court hearings to adopt the boys.

Fortunately, their employers at Bank of America permitted them to take their time off to go to court and file some paperwork. Alberto and Fabian had previously arranged to adopt the boys the moment they were born; however, they didn’t know that the process would take this long.

Alberto shared that Jonathan and Christopher had been their babies the day they were born. However, it would not be the same if their birth certificates did not show our names on it. Everything has to be official, and nobody can take that away from Alberto and Fabian.

The twin brothers are now 2 ½ years old, and finally, they get to go home to their dads just in time for Christmas.

The fathers shared how much fun it was to see them grown, and developed their personalities. Alberto shared how Christopher and Jonathan watched TV. These little conversations between them made the two dads very happy. At such a young age, Christopher would ask Jonathan if he wanted to watch TV, and Jonathan would respond by saying “Yes” and grabbing the remote while telling Christopher to take a seat.

Now, the family finally gets to spend their first holiday together. The doting father, Alberto, shares how blessed he and Fabian felt. It was a fantastic experience for them, it wouldn’t only help the twin brothers, but it will also make the couple’s life complete.

Footage provided by KTNV Las Vegas