Vet Opens Up Her Shirt Pocket And A Tiny Bush Baby’s Hand Pops Out

Did you find anything when you dug deep into your pocket? Maybe you didn’t notice, but I was able to pluck some candy out right before we got into the theater, and trust me on this, what the vet got in his shirt pocket is incomparable.

Laura couldn’t help but laugh as something like a little bush baby, not more than one month old jumps out from her pocket to enjoy the cool breeze. He tries to check out for where he is, then holds tight onto Laura’s finger.

Finally, he concludes it’s time to see how an adventure would look like, then he leaves the pocket he has been clinging to, then jumps down, showing off its remaining tail and soft body part.

There’s a video in place for you to see the one-month-old bush baby, it’s not something you’ll be happy to miss!

To see the creature for yourself, check out the video below ‘ you won’t want to miss this!

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