Veteran Posts a Wish Online and 100 Bikers Are Outside His Window

Jon Stanley knew that he wasn’t going to live for much longer. Jon had lung and brain cancer. Doctors knew he had a tough battle ahead of him.

The doctors were right. Jon’s battle became tougher and tougher. The cancer became terminal and his health deteriorated fast. There was no denying it. He would die soon. As his condition worsened, he did share that there was something he wanted before he would die.

Jon wished to hear the sound of a Harley Davidson motorcycle once more. It sounds like a strange wish, but Jon is in love with motorcycles. He wanted nothing else other than that. He knew that he would die, but he didn’t know that his wish would soon come true.

You see, his brother-in-law, Michael Smith, contacted David Thompson. David then went to Facebook to hatch a plan. In his post, he explained how Jon would die soon. He needed some help to grant a fellow biker his wish to hear motorcycles outside his window.

YouTube/ WOWK 13 News

David’s post got shared 800 times. This resulted in 100 bikers to meet up with David outside a Wal-Mart before they rode to arrive at Jon’s place. Once they were there, Jon’s granddaughter revealed the surprise. They also did something extra for Jon. They let him sit on one of the Harleys.

Jon was too ill to carry himself over to sit on one. But, the bikers made sure that he could sit on one, alongside with his wife. This was a kind gesture for the dying man and the timing was perfect.

Jon passed away on the night after these kind bikers fulfilled Jon’s wish. Jon’s wife assures everyone that she knows that he heard the revs of the Harley motors before he moved on.