Veteran Reunited With His Lost Class Ring 50 Years Later

US Air Force veteran William Albright started his journey at West Point Academy where he graduated in the year 1954. He went on to serve the Air Force for 21 years.

Ten years in the service, he was heartbroken to find that his treasured class ring is missing.

William lost the class ring on a swimming excursion in a hotel in Iowa in 1964. Despite his search efforts, he was never able to find it.

In an unexpected turn of events, a man named Greg Meyer found the ring – more than 50 years later after the incident.

The 25-year-old Greg Meyer found the ring at a construction site in 2016. He believed that the ring has quite the history and that it must have been important for its owner. He decided he must return the ring to its owner.

Greg was determined to find the owner of the ring. He had it professionally cleaned. He studied the details of the ring. The markings on the ring showed the West Point crest and the class crest on its sides.

These discoveries led him to the realization that he has in his possession a ring from a West Point graduate. He turned to the internet over the next few months to look for the ring’s rightful owner.

His efforts were not in vain; six months later he found William. Greg mailed him the ring along with a note, thanking William for his service to the country.

William was stunned and extremely happy as he got reunited with his lost ring after 53 years. He could not have been more grateful for Greg for all his efforts in getting the ring back to him.