Volunteer Support Services Help Army Dads Find Jobs And Homes

It is comforting to hear news about men and women in uniform completing their tour of duty and come home.  However, for some of our soldiers, coming home and transitioning back into civilian life can be a challenge.

For US Army Sergeant Derrick Broussard, getting back into the groove of civilian life was more difficult than putting his life on the line out in the battle field.  After getting deployed thrice to the Middle East, adjusting back to the rhythm and demands of civilian living was difficult. US Army Sgt. Broussard could not land a job and find a home for his family.

Thank goodness for the people behind Volunteers of America.  This support group for military veterans helped US Army Sgt. Derrick Broussard find a job and a permanent home.  They even facilitated getting him back to school and find employment for his wife.

US Army Sgt. Broussard is not alone in having difficulty adjusting to civilian life from military life.  Many other military veterans go through the same challenges. Aware of this need, several volunteer support groups have sprung out to help our brave veterans.

Here is a short list of some volunteer support groups our military veterans can approach:

  1. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)
  2. National Association of American Veterans (NAAV)
  3. American Legion
  4. Wounded Warrior Project
  5. Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

Common among these support groups is their goal to help veterans cope with post-war trauma and mental illness, facilitate access to health care and education, and promote a platform for job placements and other social camaraderie needs.

Watch and share the video to find out how you can volunteer your support for our military veterans.

Footage provided by KTXL