Waitress Received a Beautiful Gift from a Stranger

Sometimes when it seems like there’s no hope in your life, the heaven looks at you and send you a gift through strangers. All you need to do is to trust that they mean you well.

This is what happened to Darlene, a waitress at a diner in New Jersey. During one of her shifts, a couple noticed that she barely smiles, but when she does, they can feel pain through her eyes.

So, while waiting for the couple’s table, Kevin, the guy, asked Darlene what seemed to be the problem. To her surprise that a stranger would ask her about it, she gladly told them her story.

She narrated that she was involved in a bad car accident several years before that left her with painful injuries and in huge debt. The accident also caused her tooth to fall apart; she was under a lot of financial pressure that she doesn’t have money to fix her teeth.

When she processed the check of the couple, she noticed that their bill was $22.02. She was surprised as the number 222 is her lucky number. Her father told her before that whenever she sees the number 222, he is thinking of her. Because of this, she decided to pay for the couple’s check.

A few weeks later, Kevin returned to the diner and surprised Darlene as he revealed that he is a dentist and will be fixing her teeth for free. Darlene was so shocked that she didn’t know what to say, all she can think of is that finally, heaven look down to her and touch her with kindness.

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