Wall-E the Shelter Dog Eventually Finds a New, Warm Home

Wall-E was a pet that lived a dream life for dogs.  He was overwhelmed to receive the affection and protection that he deserved from his original owners.

However, this comfortable existence turned out into something unpleasant for the dog. In September, his beddings and toys were packed into two bags.

His owner tearfully bade him farewell because his family could no longer take care of him.  Hence, he was transported to an animal shelter in Arizona for adoption.

Jordan Bader is the administrator of the Facebook page for Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC). He described the dog as petrified and solitary when he came.

Wall-E would bark and bark. Then, he was transferred to a shelter that was inhospitable and unfamiliar.

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He did not reunite with his toys as well because there was no place for them in his new home. The baffled and lonely canine eventually fell into depression.

He was unresponsive to strangers who attempted to cheer him up. Potential dog parents of Wall-E also failed to notice him.

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Thus, he was left in the shelter for several months awaiting adoption. The shelter’s staff was, nevertheless, aware of Wall-E being deserving of the warmth of a new family.

Therefore, they took photos of him. Then, they shared it on Facebook. Bader relayed that they knew Wall-E’s photo would pull heartstrings and he was correct.

Plenty of interested owners took notice of Wall-E. Among them was Lynn Lee. Wall-E’s new owner directly headed to the animal shelter to meet her new pet.

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Look at how happy Wall-E is in her new home sweet home!

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