Wedding Dresses Recycled Into Gowns for Little Angels

Wedding gowns are stunning and not to mention, are very expensive. Ironically, these gowns are worn only once and are never used again. Unlike other pieces of clothing, wedding gowns aren’t easy to sell as ladies who wish to get married wouldn’t settle for second-hand gowns.

However, a group of women in Michigan just found a way to maximize and recycle wedding gowns not for profit, but for advocacy. The collected wedding gowns are turned into little versions for babies who die after being born or stillborn.

Thanks to the help of the Star Legacy Foundation, the organizers were able to gather the dresses and gowns for the dress drive. Donating wedding gowns is a good way to support women, especially those who have experienced loss. One gown is powerful enough to strengthen someone on their distressing day.

Leah Thrap, the vice chair of the West Michigan chapter of the foundation, shared how meaningful these gowns are to people who have gone through such heartbreaking loss. She also shared to WXMI how saddening it is to have a stillbirth, but it’s soul-crushing to have two.

When Leah lost her daughter and son, she dressed her babies in gowns sewed by the volunteers of Abigail’s Attic. Leah appreciated the mini gowns because she kept the outfits as a reminder of her children.

For women who have gone through the same thing, the gowns serve as a beautiful outfit for their angels whom they have to bury or send off to a funeral home.

The event took place on July 21, and organizers had been able to collect almost 20 gowns within a few days. However, they still need more. If you still have no idea where to put your used wedding gown, you can donate them for a good cause.

Footage provided by WXMI Grand Rapids