When A Journalist Asked For An Interview From A Lady, Is Surprised About The Lady’s Shoveling All The Years!

Kara Galina living in the New England was removing the snow from her driveway on a cold day. If you have experience with the task, you can probably imagine how tiresome and draining the job could be. It even hurts sometimes.

A writer who came by told her that he was taking interviews from the residents of the place about snow shoveling, but she at that time did not know what he was up to.

Firstly, he inquired about the total number of years she lived in that location

For that she answered that it was about ten years.

Then he asked for how long she was doing the snow shoveling

She answered this question with the same number too.

Sara, was a speech-pathology teacher and she never used a snow blower to get rid of the snow. Lately, when she checked shops to buy one of it, they were all sold out.

Then the reporter astounded her by saying that it was a fortunate day for her, as Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad along with Western Mass News planned to give a snowblower to an individual and for that day Kara was chosen.

The show did not end there, they removed the snow from her neighbors driveway too. Shoveling is definitely a hectic job, however it turned out to be a lucky day for Kara.

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