When The Mother Was Insulted By A Stranger That She Has Never Given Birth, She Snapped A Picture Of Her Huge C-Section Scar To Shut Everyone’s Mouth!

Most mothers make birthing plans ahead of time, but those don’t always work out.

Babies seem to enjoy making plans of their own, which sometimes take a way different route from the one their mother’s initially planned taking. Circumstances change and it’s not a perfect outcome, but as long as healthy baby is born, all is well in the end.

Some women opt for a natural hospital birth, with epidural or free of it, while some give it a twist in a water tub; others prefer to do it at home, alone or with a help of a midwife. Then there are women who either opt for C-section or certain circumstances make it the only viable way to have a child.

The point is: there is no right or wrong way to have a baby.

This is why this mother, who was called out by a stranger on ‘not giving birth’ just because her delivery happened via C-section, shared a photo of her Caesarean scar with a powerful caption.

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Facebook/Birth Without Fear

The mother, Jodie Shaw, shared her experience in October 2016 on a FB group Birth Without Fear. BWF is meant to inform future moms about possibilities with their deliveries.

The photo she shared is rather shocking for it portrays a large stapled scar across her belly, showing what a tough delivery it was.

In the caption, she’s calling out the stranger who thought her less of a mother for having a C-section.


She asks the members of the group to first read her explanation and then comment.

Shaw wrote, proceeding to ask people to ‘stop’ this behavior.

Wikimedia Commons

In the rest of the text, Jodie goes on to explain she had to have a C-section due to a melon-sized fibroid on her low placenta and cervix.

“I didn’t get a choice.” She continues, claiming that while she had plans to give birth the other way, life got in the way.

There are people who won’t believe her and who’ll stick to their opinions, but those are all irrelevant because she has given birth to her child and she is a mother, undeniably so.


She asks of people to think before speaking. “Please take a minute to think about why they may have had to deliver that way.”

It’s not always a matter of choice and that’s where the emphasis in this personal letter is.

“Why would you choose a major operation and 6 weeks of recovery?”


Jodie explained that the scar kept her from losing life-threatening amounts of blood.

Both she and her baby are now healthy and alright.

Facebook/Birth Without Fear

The end goal of this message was to say that every woman has the right to choose in which way will she give birth to her child – and sometimes, it’s not even a matter of choice.

What’s important is that the baby is brought to this world alive and healthy.

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