Why Breastfeeding in Public Is Never a Shameful Thing to Do

Babies are the parents’ number one source of joy. They are the fruit of their parents’ love, and they deserve all the care and attention from their parents.

While most couples enjoy their stages of romance, parenthood is another matter. There was no single school that taught how parents should take care of their babies and raise their children. Everything was experimental until now. Parenting styles differ according to the setup of a family, and no one should judge how parents take care of their children, unless they deprive them of their rights.

One of the most precious moments of being a mother is breastfeeding her child. Aside from giving the necessary nutrition, this serves as a way of connecting to the baby after being separated from the womb. However, some see breastfeeding as an activity that should be done privately.

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This standard was imposed when a mother received a wedding invitation. Her husband was the best man of the groom. However, the issue started as the bride attached a polite, but offensive note in their invitation.

It said that mothers who intend to breastfeed their babies during the wedding must go to the bathroom to preserve the solemnity of the occasion. The area has blankets and chairs to make the mothers and babies comfortable.

However, the nursing mother took it differently. She said that there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public. She did not want to feed her baby in the bathroom because it is an unusual place to eat.

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Facebook / Breastfeeding Mama Talk

Facebook / Breastfeeding Mama Talk

Facebook / Breastfeeding Mama Talk

As a result, she did not take any of her children with her during the wedding. She left her children to her best friend, who also was a nursing mother.

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