Widow Falls In Love Again With First Man She Married Years Ago

The love between Wills and Ollie is a story you would not want to miss. Not only is it a story for the books, but it will also make you believe that fate does work in mysterious ways.

Wills and Ollie were first introduced when they were just teenagers. They were young and naïve, falling for each other swiftly and deeply. In 1955, four years after they first met, they decided to get married on Christmas Eve. They could not afford a grand ceremony, but it was a simple yet intimate celebration.

The wedding was held at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, and the reception was on the second floor of a pub. They had two children and four grandchildren.

However, after ten years of being together, both realized that they settled down at a very young age. It was a mutual decision to go their separate ways.

When Ollie moved away, she met Carl, who will later become her second husband. Together, they had four children.

As for Wills, he decided to stay in town and remarried twice after he and Ollie separated.

Carl died in 2010, and Will’s third wife also passed away shortly after that.

In 2012, the daughter of Ollie from her second marriage sent an invitation to a family gathering to celebrate Christmas. It was an incredible twist of fate that Wills also happened to be there.

Forty-eight years after they separated, the pair met each other once more – for the first time in a long time, the possibilities were endless. Ollie and Wills fell in love again, and they decided to get married to each other for the second time!

Wills wants it casual, but they will surely have more guests. After the ceremony, they will go directly to Spain for their honeymoon. It was the fairytale ending they always wanted.

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