Wife Asks for Donations on Facebook, Neighbors Uncover Twisted Plan

Ashley Bemis is a 28-year-old wedding planner. One day, she resorts to Facebook to ask a favor from the community. This happens in the midst of the holy fire that took place in California. In this incident, a thousand acres were involved particularly in Riverside and Orange counties.

Her spouse is a firefighter, and his name is Shane Goodman. He was one of the people who was constantly working to eradicate the flames. Ashley reportedly shared how her husband worked for California Fire and is still currently working to help stop the fires.

She further added that she has other two family members working. Her purpose was to ask for donations like baby supplies, mattresses, and food, all of which would be given to the victims and firefighters in honor of her husband.

A lot of people answered the message and the call. Ashley was happy to see people dropping off to donate hundreds of dollars at her home. Afterward, she then stored all the items she received in their garage.

Ashley also posted on her Social Media regarding her pregnancy and all the things she has gone through. In her pictures, everyone noticed that she had a baby bump. The most striking part is, it looked like a professional maternity photoshoot. Luckily, authorities were able to discover horrible things about Ashley. It was found that she was a scammer and has been scamming a lot of people for many years.

Her pregnancy is fake, and she has a long history of giving fake stories. The authorities will seize the items given to her. Some things were already sold though. She will deal with the consequences. The community had no idea of her history, and they are thankful that such news went viral online.