After Her Husband Passed Away, She Was Upset For Not Being Able To Find His One Solo Photo

Murray Barrett worked as a chauffeur in a church. Recently, he met with an accident and unfortunately lost his life. He is survived by a daughter Jenn and wife Dianne.

The family was deciding for the last rituals of the noble soul. However, they could not find any single photo of him for the ceremony.

His daughter Jenn uploaded a clip in early April this year, in which she tells, “He was the man who worked behind the scenes. And even if he is in front of the camera, he is never alone.”

Jenn and Dianne were disheartened, as they could not find even one picture for his departing ceremony. Luckily, Jenn came across the negatives from some ceremony in a church two years back.

The family thought of contacting Lifetouch who specialize in photography. When they searched their database, they were able to retrieve Murray’s pictures along with other deceased.

When Jenn saw the picture made for final ceremony, she was left speechless, as she never saw that picture before.

Later she came to know, that Lifetouch has edited the original image and removed another person from the picture. The other fellow was one of Murray’s admirer. When Lifetouch people knew about their dilemma, they offered the best workaround which they could.

This thoughtful gesture by the company has given a lifetime memory to Jenn and Dianne of their beloved father and husband.

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