Wife Receives Nasty Comments For Packing Husband’s Lunch

How do you show love to your partner? It varies for many people.

Some do it in the form of date nights and fancy dinners. Others prefer simple activities like watching a movie at home or making lunch. However one shows his love, every little effort counts.

Nothing is too small or too big, too much or too little.

For Maddie, a 22-year-old wife and mom, love is packing her husband’s daily lunch. She likes preparing in the kitchen, thinking of new recipes to whip up. She enjoys being creative, and she does it wholeheartedly.

Run-of-the-mill lunch menus can get pretty boring. This loving wife wanted to put in more aesthetics to the meals, so she sought help online

Maddie asked for some creative ideas to help her spice up her husband’s lunch. However, instead of getting answers, she was surprised to receive backlashes and mean comments.

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Some people told her that if her husband cannot pack his lunch, he might as well not eat at all. Another compared her to a 1950s housewife. Others even went overboard and called her out, telling her not to be his slave.

In a post, Maddie promptly answered her critics and said that they had no idea what her husband goes through daily and packing his lunch is the least she can do for him; that it is never a crime to be thoughtful and to look after your husband. Despite all the negative remarks, there were still other moms who supported Maddie and her advocacy.

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Do you think packing your partner’s lunch makes you a good spouse?

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