Ms. Lacy Trips Over Her Accidental Rescue Dog, Reveals Doctor!!!

Husband Les and Pat Lacey, married for over 50 years share this mutual love for pets. They bring their pets up like their children, and they recently adopted a dog named Ice.

It has been just eight days of Ice’s inclusion in the family while the pooch did the unthinkable as it tripped Pat over in the kitchen.

Pat gives Ice the credit of saving her life when she suddenly found Ice in front of her while she was preparing tea for Les and herself.

She admits that it all seems much like a coincidence but a part of her continues to believe in the sensitivity that dogs possess. She thinks thatIce was trying to warn her that she might bee ill.

Ice was gifted with a brand new bed and several other gifts out of gratitude to save her life.

She calls it her little guardian angel because  of his wonderful act of care.

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