Winona Ryder Met Her School Bully Years Later Asking Her Autograph

Winona Ryder shot to fame during the 1990s as Kim from Tim Burton’s movie, Edward Scissorhands, and as Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice. She’s known for the quirky, dark gothic, twisted roles that she finds herself in. Currently, she is known as Joyce Byers from the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things.

An excerpt from her biography by Nigel Goodall showed that the actress was a victim of bullying. Winona met one of her tormentors in a coffee shop and delivered the perfect revenge. Who doesn’t like a good victim-turned-successful story?

The actress shared that she was a bullied as a preteen by her classmates because of her looks back in junior high. She had short hair and often donned on men’s army suit. It was on the third day of her seventh grade when things got physical.

Winona recounted that she went to the toilet and heard people say derogatory words against her. Her schoolmates banged her head on a locker and began kicking her when she fell. Winona had to have stitches and the next day; the school had to kick her out too.

She thought the bullying would stop when she starred in Beetlejuice when she 17 years old. But her tormentors found another way to call against her. They started calling her a witch.

Years later, Winona ran to one of her bullies who kicked her in seventh grade. It was in a coffee shop, and she asked for the actress’s autograph. Winona asked the woman if she can recall her and that moment in seventh grade where they beat her up. The woman replied that she kind of remembered it. Winona told her it was her and uttered an obscene word as revenge.

Be careful of who you bully in high school and what kind of woman she turns out now! See the video below about Winona Ryder.