Girlfriend Is Convinced Her Boyfriend Is Cheating So She Takes Revenge, Then She Learns The Truth

For some reason, Li Tan just knew her boyfriend, De Wu, was having an affair.

One day when he didn’t return home at the time he’d said he would, she started plotting her revenge.

Li’s friends tried to convince her to hear his side of the story before proceeding with her plans, but she was already convinced.

Once done, she was so proud of her work that she took pictures and posted them on social media.

Then De arrived home and told her the reason he was late.

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Jenny Stanton for MailOnline

A woman in China, Li Tan, 23, was convinced her boyfriend was being unfaithful.

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She quickly decided on a plan for revenge.


She headed to a nearby cstore and purchased several boxes of sanitary napkins.

Jenny Stanton for MailOnline

She then plastered more than 30 sanitary napkins¬†all over his rental car. Passers-by¬†absolutely couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Her friends tried as best they could to convince her not to be hasty, but instead to wait to hear his explanation.

But she was so upset by that point she didn’t listen.

Jenny Stanton for MailOnline

When her boyfriend did return home he tried to explain himself.

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That’s when we heard the whole story.

He wasn’t cheating at all. In fact, he was out with friends and together they were planning a surprise party for her upcoming birthday.

It took some convincing but she eventually believed him.

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