Crossing Guard Visits A Doctor For Chronic Pain, But Comes Back With Drastic Changes To Her Look

Having a condition on her feet, Tina used to live in agony for a long time because of the pain. Seeking treatment from “The Doctors” leads to her head-to-toe makeover that gives back her self-confidence and caught her husband by surprise.

What are your chances of getting a head-to-toe makeover? Tina got her chance but it started from an unfortunate condition. She’s a 42-year-old mother and grandmother who chose to volunteer as a crossing guard at a local school.

However, little do people know that beyond her helpful nature, she used to be under a horrendous pain from a condition she developed on her feet. It all started ten years ago when she observed that her toenails thickened and also started growing curled towards her skin. Tina’s condition got worse through the years and the pain it had caused also intensified up to a point when it became difficult for her to walk.

Other than her feet and toenails, most of her teeth got extracted because of the lack of a comprehensive dental care. She was then left with one back tooth that she uses for eating. Though it still functions, having one tooth left affected her confidence and she even mentioned that it felt like she’s falling apart.

Because of this, Tina mustered her courage to approach “The Doctors” to ask for assistance with her worsening condition. One of the doctors noted that the state of her mouth was one of the worst he had seen. To help Tina, she was referred to a foot and ankle specialist to treat her toes and feet. Moreover, a dentist also checked her to help in possibly restoring her smile.

After going through medical and dental procedures, Tina was ready for her big reveal in “The Doctors.” She was thankful of breaking free from the pain she used to experience. But her husband was dumbfounded when he first saw Tina after the head-to-toe makeover.