Woman Gets Pregnant at 50 After 18 Failed Pregnancies

Some of us grew up with our parents telling us that if we want something, we have to try and try until we achieve it. Failures should not discourage us but should serve as our stepping stone in reaching our goals. But how many failed attempts do we need before we can say that we have tried enough?

The couple Louise and Mark has experienced trying for several times, but every time they do they keep on failing. They still could not conceive a baby.

Louise and Mark met in 1999. Since then, the couple knew that they want to build a family together. Louise dreamt of having a baby since she was young. They had started to try it when she was 32 years old. However, with Mark’s vasectomy, they had to find an alternative way of conceiving a baby.

The couple spent more than $100,000 for several sperm donors and unending rounds of IVF for 16 years. Unfortunately, when Louise gets pregnant, she will still lose the baby after several weeks. She got pregnant 18 times and also lost the baby 18 times which was devastating as a mother.

Louise gave up in the year 2010, but she decided to try it one last time before she reaches 50 years old. But this time, things have turned around because they met a doctor who revealed to them that Louise has killer cells that are damaging the embryos.

On their very last try, Louise and Mark officially became parents when the 47-year-old Louise delivered a healthy baby boy after 37 weeks in the pregnancy.

Even though people were always mistaking them as Baby William’s grandparents, they are happy that they finally have a baby of their own.