Woman Instinctively Sticks Leg Out To Help Officers Catch Suspect

It was a special night out in town for Kelly Ball and her friends as they celebrate the Christmas Eve when a police chase suddenly turn the night around. Kelly ended up tripping the man and helping the officers catch the suspect.

Coming out of a bar with her friends, 28-year-old Kelly noticed the commotion happening on the streets of Hertford. Even without knowing what the ruckus was all about, she instinctively extended her right leg to trip the running man.

On Christmas Eve, police received a report that a group of men allegedly threatened a pub’s staff and started a disturbance in the town of Hertfordshire. Moments later, the police tried to apprehend a vehicle, but one passenger made a run to escape.

A policewoman attempted to detain the suspect but was allegedly pushed by the man in his attempt to run away.

In a heartbeat, Kelly sought for her friends’ approval to try and help the police. But just like any civilian avoiding heart-racing situations, her friend was hesitant saying that it was not their problem.

However, despite her friend’s remark, Kelly still gave in to her instincts and stuck her leg out. As a result, the suspect came tumbling on the ground, and the police were able to apprehend him accordingly.

Based on reports, the running man is 23-year-old Aaron Cadman from Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, and has various charges such as possession of illegal substance, assault, and being drunk and disorderly in public.

The police were not able to thank Kelly for her swift action to help as she, together with her friends, opted to continue their night as usual.

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Thumbnail Photo: New York Post