Woman Is Annoyed of a Stranger’s Feet Invading Her Space on a Plane

It is important to show courtesy to other people when you are in a public space. You are with strangers, so it does not hurt to pay an equal respect that you wish to receive from others as well.

However, showing respect and courtesy in public spaces such as in airplanes do not seem to be the idea of other people. It is normal when passengers want to feel comfortable during flights, but trying to be comfortable should not come out as invading other people’s comfort.

There are just people who are disrespectful in an outright fashion. These people are those who do not even think of how others would feel when they blatantly ruin your personal space. Rudeness is at its finest even in planes where all you want to do is stay comfortable until the plane lands.

Take for instance this woman who shamelessly placed her feet in another woman’s arm seat near the window. That woman must have enjoyed her flight without the care in the world. It was totally annoying to even think of another passenger ruining your privacy when you are also trying to be comfortable as you travel.

Surprisingly, this woman whose space was invaded did not confront the other woman whose bad manner is incomprehensible. Well, what she did was record the shameless feet while trying to make a face.

Her face actually does the talking. It’s like saying something on behalf of her. At least, the whole situation turned to be something comical in some way.

If you were in her shoes, would you do the same or would you burst out confronting the blatant woman?

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